Notification Bugs

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**Your username: Sky_45 :heart: [she/her]

I am on a iPhone and i am using IOS version 15.1
Hopscotch version 3.48.3

I was clicking the link to my project in the notifications tab, and then it sent me to the top games. OR sometimes it closes the whole app.

Someone help please.


hey, is your bug similar to this one?


Is your problem that when you get a plant notification when you tap the notif the project won’t open but instead it takes you to the Top page? If so, I have experienced this before.

It has been a problem for the whole time I have been on HS


Hey @Sky45! I’ve been having this bug too.

Here is a link to another topic where someone might have reported the same problem.

Is this the same problem you’re having? If it is, I would be happy to merge the two topics so that all the issues end up in the same place and it’s easier for everyone to find!


This happens a lot to me, I suggest just restarting the app cus theres no real solution for it.