Notification Bug


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Does anyone else have this issue? What happens when you navigate to the notification tab–do you see the new notifications there or does nothing load?

Thank you!

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I haven’t been on HS for a while and my notifications weren’t there.


When I am on notifications I see the icon and sometimes there are no new notifications


I see new notifications. It seems the same as the last update. iPhone 7, iOS 11.4.1


I think it’s works for me. Sometimes they don’t update for a few hours even though I did receive notifications in that time, and it always delays a few minutes after receiving them to show them, but it mostly works


I think that you get notifications, but that they don’t show up properly. The “shot” is the only thing that shows up. That is the same issue as I have.

Thank you so much for creating this topic, @awesomeonion! :slight_smile:


I haven’t had a new notification for 2 weeks, even though i frequently get likes and remixes…
It’s really weird…


Does the “notification dot” show up?


Yeah, but nothing was there.


Then, you and @WarmheartedPrincess are most likely experiencing the same bug as I do.


Ok, i hope this gets fixed when i update


Yeah, I’ve been having problems. I mean, sometimes it work and sometimes it doesn’t.


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I still get the dot, even when no new notifications show up, as well.


Yeah,I’ve had that problem. Have you emailed THT?


No, but a THT member, @awesomeonion has been noticed about this issue since she created this topic.


Hi all,

Step one for solving this bug was to add more analytics so I can see what’s going on from my end. Please update to the latest version so we can get more info from your device. Then, next time you have this problem please comment on the thread with your hopscotch username and the time that this happened to you.



Hello, sorry for the late reply! After updating, I received my notifications, but I think that it was the case the last time I updated too. I will see if the problem re-appears in a few days. If that happens, I will tell you. You can also contact me at my email addres s (which you can see as you as a leader) if you’d like to get some screenshots or other data.