Notification Bug?


Hi Hopscotch! I don’t think my notifications works. It doesn’t notify me when I have a new remix. It notifys me from stuff, like, 16hrs ago. Advice?


Notifications in Hopscotch seem to be kind of buggy for everyone. I think the Hopscotch Team is working on that :D

For now, let’s just have fun coding! What’s your username? I’d love to check out your projects ^-^


Yeh, the notifications are getting messed up for everyone. Don’t worry about it, I’m sure the Hopscotch team will fix it soon.


Donut fear. (Ha donut) I think it is just HS trying to tell THT that it needs to be updated.


yeh like a week ago when i still had my ipad it broke i checked remixes of my projects and saw a remix that i hadent been notified about