Noticing Lesser-Known Hopscotchers


Hi! :D

If you used to be automatically followed on Hopscotch, you'll know that a lot of people join Hopscotch every day, and I mean a lot. There are bound to be at least a few people in that bunch that could become amazing Hopscotchers. :D

However, it can be hard to find these Hopscotchers. There are probably at least a few people with the potential to become great Hopscotchers, but quite a few of them go unnoticed, and some of them quit because of this. :(

How can I find these people?

There are a few ways to do this, but you aren't guaranteed to find amazing projects by lesser-known Hopscotchers if you try them. However, they may give you a slightly better chance of finding them. :D

Method 1: Scroll through the newest tab.

Not nessecarily. I've actually found a few pretty neat projects by scrolling through the newest tab. :D I also followed a couple of lesser-known Hopscotchers with amazing projects! :D

Method 2: Search for something random.

I know it isn't easy to find great projects by searching for something random, but it isn't impossible. :D

I actually made a topic about this here. :D

Unfortunately, the Hopscotch Team doesn't notice every single feature-worthy project. Not every amazing project is noticed and put on Featured. If they were, then what would the point of this topic be?

If you have any other methods, feel free to post them here! :D

I'd love to see how the community finds amazing, unnoticed Hopscotchers to follow! :D

If you want, you can also post the usernames of Hopscotchers you find by using these methods so that they can get noticed more! :D


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I really love your awesome tips on how to get others noticed more!


This is great! Thanks for the like the other day!


Awesome idea! This is an awesome topic! I'll look here every once and a while and look at other people I should notice!


I took a look in the #games tab and found this! :D

I couldn't believe it was someone's first project! :D

I'll go nominate it for Rising. :D


Well said @Mathgirl!!! This is so true! I do find a whole lot of remixes when scrolling though "newest", but I always find some really cool projects, and sometimes I even follow the person! You just have to be looking! :wink: :smiley:

Here's a like! :D :heart::heartpulse:


swings on rope throwing shredded potato like confetti
gives potato
eats potato
I'd consider myself a lesser-known hopscotcher!


That's reeeeealy nice but stay on topic pls!


Pretty well. :slight_smile:

Anyway, let's try to stay on topic. :wink:


Wow! Great topic!
I will try your methods, Iove finding amazing new hopscotchers! :D


I found this amazing pixel art by t7lks!

And this by sodsodsod!





Amazing finds! :D

silently likes projects



Amazing topic!

I'm gonna go find cool people!


I am allready finding great drawings and cool projects!


You rock mathgirl!:blush:


Nice topic!

One of my methods is looking in other Hopscotcher's favorite tabs. I don't have much luck finding good projects going through newest, but I have found some awesome projects from Lesser Known Hopscotchers while looking through favorite tabs! :smiley:


I found one!
It's pretty good!!!


I found Game Coding inc. when coming across one of his/her projects.


and the newest tab doesn't have as many RPs and before! I actually use these methods and they work really well.