Notice (please take a look)


Everybody i have not been on hopscotch posting projects for 2 days because of school and i dont have time so this week i will probably post almost only 1-2 things.. im very sorry but dont worry soon after i will be up and running , its just that this week of school has a lot of homework and p.s i always like projects everyday..
So i will also give out the prizes of the second challenge during this week for @botanistgirl and @yellow dragon so stay tuned in for that and also for the third challenge!



I feel your pain

Homework .-.


Lol im going through a lot too but this is my secret

I sneak my iPad and play all night. Shhhhh



I feel you




yep i just finished my homework at it is 7:55 pm


lol ok then you play


thanks for understanding but i understand school is important to me and so is hopscotch!


I'm falling behind in fractions so I have to do more homework every night

But dem fractions tho


oh i went through that and it was horrible and i had barely any time for hopscotch luckily im doing algebra now! and im like yay


I wasnt on hopscotch for a week once :sob: I was trying to get my homework done....


lol ok ! it will happen to me too and i will be sad...