Notice~ Might be less active


Hey everyone,
So this is just a little notice to tell y'all that I ( might! ) be less active from now on. I haven't been posting many projects on HS cuz I'm in Korea, but I've been pretty active ( I dink?) on da forum. ( South Korea actually has the fastest wifi in da WORLD :earth_americas: Seriously though, it's pretty fast :slight_smile:️ ) That and 3 days after I get back from Seoul, ( I get back Sunday ) SCHOOL STARTS! I am totally unprepared....:confused: + I'm trying to read ALL da books in my school library without checking dem out cuz I have a lot of overdue lost books from 2nd grade so yah...+ Ma music starts ( 5 hours a week :persevere: ) 4 hours on Saturday and 1 hour on Thursday ( The day might change this year so I'll just edit dis ) Oh and I'm taking Cross Country dis year which is 2 days a week :sweat_smile: Phew.... So yah, ummmmmmm, just a little notice. I'll try to check da forum and Hopscotch once a day AT LEAST, but I might check it like 20 times so... :joy:
Also, this is in such a long time, ( in like April or May ) but there's a foreign exchange trip where you stay 2 weeks in Strasbourgh, France, and your correspondent / pen pal stays at your house for 2 weeks. ( I go to a French-English school ) So yah.


K! Pix for letting us know! :3

I'm sorree, but



Okay thanks for telling us!


Ok, have fun and school and whatnot!


Lol I hate school but thanks :joy: