Notice ~ Just apologizing in advance


Hey everyone, Jamie here.
I just made this topic just to apologize in advance if I'm am rude, mean, or disrespectful in any way. I'm having a pretty rough time dealing with my life right now, and I can't exactly control myself as much as I'd like to / normally do. @BellaWafflez17 @The rest of my friends, I'm trying my best to control my emotions rn, so please don't ask me any questions for the time being. ( at school or track or anything ). Once I get things under control, you can ask me away :blush: I'm going to try to act as cheerful and positive as possible so yah... I just need a little time to myself and I'll be back to normal.
I don't really want to talk about it right now, for obvious reasons, ( I usually like to keep things to myself ) so please don't mention it much....
Thanks for reading my awkward long essay and btw I'm not writing this to make y'all cry or pity me or anything, I'm just creating this to say my sincere apologies in advance.
I'm fine, really :blush: It's just a matter of time.
ChocolateFox <3



This will cheer you up


Haha thanks :blush:


virtual hug
Whatever's happening, it'll be okay.


@ChocolateFox I hope everything will be okay!!!


It will :blush: I'm a tough cookie :cookie:


I am a chihuahua! (JK​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


Dis cute naughty kitten will cheer you up!:smile:
Poor Chloe!(dat orange-haired girl)
P.S: dat Max is a girl