Notice for my hop friends!


Hey guys I'm sorry I haven't been on HS for a while my school deleted it off our iPads and now I can only be active on weekends because I have HS on my home iPad although I won't be able to use new emojis which really is :poop:... I just wanted to warn you guys so you didn't think I died...

Any anyone else who considers me a friend.


Oh my... Thats soooo Sad:::::(((((((


Oh, why would the school delete a very kid code-inducing app?
I'm so sorry. My favorite new emoji actually was the new owl one :disappointed_relieved:🦉
(pretty sure that's new)


I don't get it..... something about emojis? :sweat_smile:


Oh noes! Sorry! 🦉:^(


Also THANKYOU for considering me your fren! @catkitty30


I liek this emoji-:trident:, as u may know


Yeah idk why they would delete an app like that... I think it's bc a bunch of kids overuse it


Roleplays, maybe... :confused:


Like me, hehehehehehe


But you use it for coding....


Ehhh.... most people just remix... (other than me) I try to do more coding... but people would play in the middle of class (I did it only in hallways) and yeah...


(At my school.......)

#14 I Try to convinced People at my School to get The app, but nope!


Yeah I'm like the only person in my school that codes... I'll code like a crossy road and my friends r like "WHAT THE HOW-" or I'll code like a new update for the HopPhone and they will point at like a variable block and be like "What even is dat"


Do you use Self Service?


Not me, my friends are into coding because they saw all the cool things I made lol
Do you want me to give you one of their account names?


Sure and yeah self service is what we use (they took it off of there"


*) :3 :3 :3 lol Kawaii attackk


okay, this might be weird, but,
"slurping chicken" is the account...