Notice about activity :)



Hey peepel :D
I'm going to the beach tomorrow!! I'm soupr excited, my family and I are staying with my Grandparents for my dad's birthday :D
Thankfully, they have wifi! :D
Buuuut I'm gonna be really busy and stuff, so really not going to be on much :0
I'll probably be on in the morning for a little, and then in the evening, and even possibly the middle of the night >:3 XD
It'll only be for 9 days; 2 days travelling the 4-5 hours, and the other week (7 days) actually there. XD
So while it's not too much of a big deal, I wanted to let u guise know :0
Also, I wasn't on today cuz my friend who lives 2 hours away was here, so I spent the day with her :D

So, see you guise around! :D

-Da Apple


Cool! Have fun! Sometimes I go on da forum at midnight because there's more ppl. REBELS! XD


:D thx for telling us!!! Wow! Have fun!!


Have fun, it sounds amazing! :smile:




Have fun! :slight_smile:
See you later!


@DA-BEASTY, please don't edit anything without asking me :)


Soz I just like dabbing...


That's ok. Just remember to never abuse your regular powers :D

Rn I'm at my grandparents'! :D


Run, r ur grandparents mean?


What? No....

Rn means Right Now


Oh, lolololol I didn't know that :joy:


That's ok :3

I better get off byeeeeee


Cya sen-pie ,?.!!!!!!!! Bye


Senpai...? ;u;


See ya!


I call it sen-pie! Lol



I (temporarily) broke my iPad, so i have this special thing to turn it on/off


Like wat!? A Bluetooth tv controller synced into ur iPad?


Lol nothing like that XD

It's this thing that is at the top of my screen :0


Oh, lol. I don't understand techie brainiac computer stuff! Lol