Nothing works in hopscotch not even on the hopscotch web player

Please help me! I cant do anything in hopscotch and its getting really annoying
I cant play any projects and i cant like them. I cant code in hopscotch. I cant do anything
Every time i try to play something on the web player this comes up

And every time i go on hopscotch it says im not connected to the internet

Ive tried everything and nothing works

#please help me!

first post


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That's a conundrum maybe @Hiimnew knows

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Hello customer service how may I help you


Tell me what is going on

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That's your internet then. Maybe there's a block on hopscotch.


Does anyone use IXL? That doesnt work either

Please reply i need to know whats going on

Make your date is the right date.

It is

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Uhh, you can email them I guess

That's all I got

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I cant im on a school ipad

School iPads seem horrible.... Especially when the iPad mini 4 is only $500.... You could get one in three years...

Its still not working​:rage:!!! Please help!