Nothing to do anything about you


Yoooooo @Aariv we’re friends now!!!


Read how this forum works before writing stuff :crazy_face:
I replied to him, not you


I really don’t get why people are getting mad at him though. Although none of us have all our posts related to coding, we’re supposed to. :woman_shrugging:t2:


But you know what the community needs to thrive.


Example: The gladiator pits. Basically a massive forum game. Aariv literally used someone participating in the gladiator pits against them in an argument.

If we let Aariv get his way, say goodbye to the gladiator pits, say goodbye to all the forum games, say goodbye to TUBM and definitely say goodbye to all the clubs.


When did I team up with black seal?


You just said I was will destroy everything like that. Can you read my mind? I know what to do. Okay? I’m trying to keep the community civil.


Not to be rude,but you didn’t need to create a whole new topic for this.


He wouldn’t destroy ALL the fun.
Only like really off topic things.


You’re having fun the wrong way.


You have fun,the wrong way,and you don’t even realise that you’re destroying the community. You won’t stop me. You think the community guidelines were made for absolutely no reason. You’re wrong.


Also i’m not the only one trying to keep the community civil.


Aariv wouldn’t destroy everything,
He’ll tell just the people who don’t understand things about the forum.
Right @Aariv?


Of course. But if things get too out of hand…


What if they literally think “whatever. I don’t care what he says.”


And @healeybot1 won’t forget the argument and be at peace.


Argument and fighting isn’t the answer!


Link me every single topic that is currently active and is “spam” to you, and which I have participated in

If you say that the forum is only for hopscotch?? 90% of the topics here go bye bye




None of them are active right now. The biggest example I can give you is the Gladiator pits


Let’s see here. Didn’t CG and ILC say that they were coding a few projects about the pits? And that in the second round of the pits, the gladiators would have to code their weapon? (Which only applied if they had a coding app)