Nothing is deleting. JSON shows all deletions! Seriously


I’ve worked it out, why my game keeps crashing.
All I need is to access version 27 and see if things fix.
Meanwhile, I know why it crashes. Even though I am deleting a lot, and adding a little bit, the blank white screen appears more often.

This shows that even as I delete, these objects REMAIN in the JSON. Hence why the JSON is unusually excessive, as I looked through it myself. Seriously, why is there old code in the JSON??? Because it remains! How can I remake projects? How??

I can delete so much, and still it keeps crashing and more black white screens appear. Seriously! What can I do? I can update my version which I need an assistant to do it, or tell me how, and I also want to make these blank white screens to STOP appearing



That’s correct. Deleted objects remain in the JSON data. I’d speculate that this may have been intentional as an artifact of the Scenes functionality (that was never fully implemented). If you delete an object from one stage, I think they didn’t want it to be entirely deleted as the object could still be used on other stages (scenes).

Although I’ve not seen a correlation between objects not entirely being deleted and Player crashes (white screen, formerly “Whomp”).

I do know that the Player crashes pretty regularly for me on my iPad Air 2 that’s 3 or maybe 4 years old. However I haven’t noticed any problems with the app crashing on my new iPhone 8. Notifications also don’t work on the older iPad (only update every couple weeks). I guess THT doesn’t see the business value in spending their limited time to support “older” devices.

I should still have my File Size Bug cleaning program source code. If you give me a project link, I could try updating the cleaning program to remove all orphaned objects and unreferenced code. The program currents only removes extraneous eventParameters and Traits. It’ll take some time but I should be able to add the additional cleaning functionality.


Yes, thanks. This is quite a new iPad Air 2. I have looked at the JSON and I don’t know how to edit it, though I can send a link.

I’m trying to figure out which version the game is in




Agh man. That is depressing. Now there is nothing to do for cleaning out the project.