Notes aren’t running correctly in web

Use this template that everyone is copying without credit to make weird bug reports:

Your username: NTh3R

What kind of device are you using?: iPad 6th gen, iPadOS 15

1 sentence description of the problem (I was doing _________, and then __________ happened): I was running musical projects in the web (safari), and the notes in the beginning are skipped.

Steps that the Hopscotch team can take to reproduce my problem every time:

  1. Find a musical project that uses beta editor
  2. Copy its link
  3. Play it in Safari

I expected this to happen: Music is :sparkles:

But instead this happened: Music is :wastebasket:

Here’s a sweet screenshot:


never gonna give you up

well, there’s no screenshots possible lol

  • That’s happening to me

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I already fixed my issue. I just used the wrong value for one of my notes… and the wrong note in general for that matter. That has been fixed on my end.

General fix: see if the notes are actually playing in the project

If not, see if the notes are out of range

If they are in range, see if a value is the wrong value (like how I found out why mine didn’t work).


that topic isn’t for you lol
i mean
i have a bug with this


It would be best to check if those “non-working note” are working in the app itself.


it’s working in the app

edit: why don’t you believe it’s a bug?



Yeah so it looks like the web player skips notes at the beginning of playing the project, and this is for the Play Note block, right?

Was just wondering if you might happen to have some links to projects, for some examples (so we can confirm that those are also not working as expected for you)


yep that’s right

very good example:

this could be confusing cuz vibraphone isn’t working but piano is working:


Thanks a lot for sharing the links. Hm I had a listen to both, and they seemed to sound the same to me when I played the project. I could hear the vibraphone on the web player for the second project

I might need a video/screen recording with audio to be able to see what’s going on for you, if you might be able to do that (Yeah screenshots doesn’t work for this^^)

The player in the app and the player on are the same web player. So it does seem odd that the sound is playing differently on the app compared to the web (worth investigating to be sure)


i’ll publish the catbox link asap

i need to take off something in the video bc it’s related to the name of my school


Hey NTh3R, here a million dollar question:

Did you try tapping on an object on the stage? Chance are the sounds are just mute by default. I had a similar problem, but once I tapped an object, every singe sound that tried to play are played all at once and it continues like normal.


which object?


Any object

Make one, lol

You could try tapping the stage itself (the white screen), but I doubt that’ll work…


I tested your falling up project on the browser, and it works just fine for me, including the vibes.

Definitely is weird why it’s not working for you…


@t1_hopscotch @Crosbyman64


Oh thank you for recording that — I can see what you mean with the notes not playing there.
I’m wondering how we can narrow it down (maybe it is device specific?)

I will have to test on my iPad later, but here is what Falling Up sounds like on my MacBook:


Can you link an example project?

nvm I scrolled through posts since I like doing it


Ok I did have the issue happen on my iPad too^^

When I first pasted the second project link into a web browser on iPad and immediately pressed Play, the vibraphone notes were missing at the start.

When I instead waited for a bit after the page had loaded, before playing the project, it seemed to play correctly.

I’m wondering if it might be related to loading of the sound resources or something. How often is this happening for you? — is it happening every time, even after waiting on the page for a bit, before playing the project?


Here are recordings of the same issue happening with Falling Up (notes missing at the start)

When I play the project immediately after the page has loaded, notes are missing at the start:

When I wait a bit after the page has loaded, before playing the project, the notes seem to be present at the start:

(In the app, usually there is the loading screen with Bear so I’m guessing that sound resources and other things probably have time to load)

I can confirm that the same issue (missing notes at the beginning) happens on my m1 MacBook in the web browser as well, if I play the project immediately after the page loads.

Hm it seems when I play this project on my iPad Hopscotch app, the frame rate is a bit laggy in parts of the song (affecting the balls and the audio). It seemed ok on my m1 MacBook webplayer

I’ll just note my iPad details too: iPad Pro 10.5 inch, iPad OS 15.0.2


Yeah, the frame-rate is usually perfect on a web browser compared to the app.

For example a sound that drops the performance to 2 FPS (or the lowest performance I got on my Apple 2018 iPad Pro 11) (like on AE’s lag test) on the app will play at the max 60 FPS on a desktop web browser.