Note to really know!


Everyone should know that the forum and stuff is not about popularity it is about coding and having fun and getting to know the nice community!
And it doesnt matter if you dont get likes or remixes followes or views or anything so dont forget to have fun!!!


I agree! A lot of
Ppl think it's all about likes but it's not! It's to have fun


Yeah i know!!!
I wanted to make this note cause i saw a hopscotcher complain about that


Ya great topic here's a like. :heart:️ this has been the point of hopscotch all along. I'm glad people are finally realizing it now. :smile::smile:


Yeah I agree! Everyone needs to know that HS is not for popularity it's for the fun of coding!!


I agree! Sure, it is nice to get likes but that's not what matters! It about learning and having fun!


Yeah it's fun getting likes but HS is about coding and having fun not popularity! Even though it's fun to be popular it's not what HS is about!