Note to Malty and Pingu :D


As I'm looking back on my day 1 on the forum, and the days that followed it, I'm realizing I'm enjoying everything so much more than I did before. And I'm so happy about that :D I feel like part of the community.

Before I felt left out, and I resorted to getting pity and attention because I had no true, honest to god friends. And then people say they're your friends, but really, they're just trying to be kind, you have to make your own friends, or they don't feel like friends.

And that's why I want to thank @Maltese and @Pingu for being my first real forum friends :D You guys always make me feel part of the community, and you always know how to make me happy when I'm sad. Your the coolest of cool, awesomest of awesomeness, and so amazing. And id be a sad chakin if you guys weren't my friends ;-;

Thank you for being the awesome friends you are! -Mal


Omg thank you! ;O;

This is my first topic that was a note to me lol


I know, right?! They're such AWESOME people! :D


Lol accidentaly published it early, finished it :D




Gices liek to Malty and Pingu <3!!!!


That's so amazing ;u;

Malty and Pingy are amazing frens :D


Omg when I read that I smiled and I smiled so big it legit reached NY

My aunt saw my smile and said hi

We had a nice convo :D


Was it



Lol :D

Urgent Note to Mods

Wow who is that post that again please I saw that


Nahhh it was like 109227372747737273 miles long XD


XD That's good, I like when Malty smiled because it makes me happy :D


aww :D


Thanks @Malie :D

I still look at this everyday and I'm really thankful for it.