Not Trendable?! ☹



Some of my projects aren't able to "trend" ,They have the amount of likes, remixes and plays to at least be in the trending tab, but they aren't there. It's not like they are somewhere super low on the list, they just aren't there... This happens even though I don't have projects on trending already. It happened to my latest "Egg Cracker Simulator"...

@liza @Rodrigo @asha


Did they get a high amount of likes and plays fast?
^ If not, that could be the reason. ^

The "Egg Cracker Simulator" is amazing! :D


The reason why @MagmaPOP's projects are not on trending: it's so high up that it's higher than the dimensions of the iPad, so that's why you can't see it.


Wow! I didn't know that could happen!


can i have the link? we will see it on the iPad, i am on the computer right now!


I know how you feel I got more likes on a project than some of the other projects on trending. So confusing. It got like 50 something likes


I'm on the computer as well... '^-^


I think they mainly base the trending projects off the plays, but I'm sure you will be there soon! The projects up there right now will outdate, and then go off of trending and your project may just be up there!
PS- I'm a HUGE fan of yours and I love the egg cracking simulator! It's AMAZING!


It got over 100 in three hours... I think that's ok, maybe


It could need to be quicker... :0
Did this happen to any other projects? :D


Hi MagmaPOP!!


Well I mean... I get 50 likes the first day, then 25ish more the next, and then etc.
So if you get 100 in 3 hours, then :stuck_out_tongue: I wouldn't complain


Yeah, lots... I just don't remember which ones...


The most likes I ever got was 50 something and I didn't even get on trending :pensive:


Hi Sprouse!! Anything else?


Just some projects, not all of them, right? :D


we haven't got mare then 10 likes :confounded:




Well here is how I think it works
MagmaPOP: I'm leaving
-gets 1000 branches-
Top of trending 3+ days
I think it depends on the branching...
I made a "lotto" as a test, and it was on top of trending.
Maybe you could have a game with "remix with your score"!


Nope. The first thing I realised was "Hey! MagmaPOP's on!" So, just commented to say hi.:stuck_out_tongue: