Not totally myself



Hi guys,
Idk if you've noticed, but today I'm not as happy as usual. There's a lot going on IRL right now, like people cutting down trees to my special forest, and getting over being shaken up by a picture, and adjusting to a new house. So I'll try my best to stay positive, I might not be on as much, I'm not sure. The forum is quite a nice distraction now, but I think I might focus a little more on HS.
I'm really sorry if I don't seem as positive. I'm trying.
I also want to work more towards leader, not changing my personality, but performing @Rawrbear's criteria a bit more. And that includes coding and getting better at hopscotch.
I'll be back to my old self soon, I promise.
Any cheering up would be most appreciated.
Thanks guys. :)



3 likes in 20 second. Wow XD



Is sad!

It's okay

We all have those days!

Just drink some hot chocolate and eat some candy!


I'm sorry your feeling down fren! :000 ;-;

Change is hard, but I know you will get through it!
It's awesome your trying to get leader, good luck! :DDD


Thanks a lot, frenpai :)

You're really nice.


Thank you, fren :)

Wow, thanks!
Thanks again :)


I would love to help my friend/senpai/AWEOSME person/MLP lover


Oh gosh, you guys are making me feel better already! ;u;


Your welcome! :DD


Yay :)



Songs a song

♪ Senpai! Oh senpai! You are senpai and I am a candy! Senpai! Oh senpai! I gotta stop because I can't sing! Senpai! Oh senpai! ♪


Don't feel sad I had a super bad day last Friday but I'm much better now thanks to the forum and I'm sure u will too


Okay! Thanks for letting us know! I'm sorry that you are sad! A special forest is being cut down? That's horrible! Let me know if I can help


I imagine that in the tune of oh Christmas tree



That's the best song ever I love it XD



I try to make music but it's too hard!



Written by Sweetlina
Sang by Sweetlina
Directed by Sweetlina


It is horrible, I just hope they don't touch my climbing tree,

Thanks :)


Lol for me I'm a musical and logical person so very thing is music I even memorized part of my test by making it into a song XD


You're welcome :)

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