Not receiving forum notifications?


Guys I'm watching certain topics and they have a count of new replies when I tap it, I check my notifications and I see I never received it


That happened to me a couple days ago :confused:
Other than just restarting the browser, I don't really have a fix for it...


What do you mean by restart the browser?


If on iPad: double tap and slide it up


Like this post so I can see if I get a notification


Okay I got it back thanks! VOTE CC QUEEN OF THE WORLD!!


Lol, no problem :wink:


Well, she'd be one of my nominations.....


Wait I think it's gone again


It's annoying :expressionless:
Restart your iPad by holding down the home and lock buttons and see if that works


That's taking a screenshot. It's not rly working


I restarted but it still don't work


I've experienced a freezing screen, I have to refresh it, and it says "Chrome didn't shut down correctly" so I have to login again.

Happened on safari too?


I'm not Receivng NOTIFICATIONS man I'm not talkin' 'bout a freezin' screen dude


Well -_- it's crashes only on the forum, maybe that's something THT and discourse should worry about also.


@ihasfluffycupcakes can you email discourse?


What there email?


Frown at I know, you should email @sam, he is a co-leader of Discourse.
(Sam Saffron) I think


What his email?, you could post it on da discourse meta!


I don't know the email. Just invite @sam to this topic since he works for discourse