Not really good at coding ;-;



loads of ppl want me to code projects and stuff, and i replied to them but they keep asking
but im sorry i just cant code
im extremely busy everyday because im getting into middle school, i dont have time fro coding
and im really confused about the HSB colours and values and stuff
im sorry if u r angry or disappointed
i can do requests though

facts to prove im bad at coding
1 i've only coded 1 coding project ever since i joined hopscotch
2 i never really publish any projects involved with coding
3 if u wanna see that 1 coding projects its named ET-ATV.1 i think, its really bad

so yeah
plz stop asking me about coding projects


Just keep coding, just keep coding, just keep coding, coding, coding…

And you'll get better!


Ok so I could not code at all! I had no idea what the set invisibility black was I just did set size to 2. And here is da link to my first project (it took me thirty minutes)
And now I can code great (at least I like to think)! Just keep coding you will find your way! Trust me!


Just keep coding Just keep coding Just keep coding

Like dory's song Just keep swimming Just keep swimming



Pro tip to get better at coding:

Dont quit coding, dont stop, and experiment with other coder's projects (Maybe that are on featured).