Not quitting, just not on as frequent



Hi guys, I'm not going to be on the forum much anymore. Not because of everyone leaving, nor the stuff that was happening recently, I'm just taking a break. Too many things including spring break and school. Plus I've sort of (not really) lost interest in being on the forum 24/7. Anyways, this goes for forum and hopscotch.


for now :stuck_out_tongue:


*these aren't really related to hopscotch but still
*don't say that I want pity or lots of fame I'm just telling why
1. my pets both have to have surgery for different reasons
2. got my old roblox account back
3. 5th grade :I


Ok, I understand. But for now, hopefully I'll see you around!


I cri ;-;


I have roblox too! :O! I barely go on. Also I have to deal with 5th grade too. I feel ya.


I understand. We all have to take a break at some point.

Wait until you get to 6th grade..... :tired_face: