NOT Quitting Hopscotch Today



I am going to quit hopscotch but I want to know if I should I mean I am getting bullied too much. I feel like I should join Scratch instead. Comment on what I should do.
I will probably quit by the end of the day or let my brother on my account instead.

Should I quit HS because h8?

No stay ou are awesome! @Pokemon101 is going to scratch also!


@Kayro Don't feel alone! Even famous hopscotchers can get bullied sometimes.


You should write your username and password down on a piece of paper or in your diary or journal for safekeeping indies you ever decide to come back. Sorry about the bully-ing ( there's a - because it got filtered ). That's what I would do, and we probably won't quit Hopscotch, it's way too addicting!


I meant one person even changed their name to Kayro Hater and another person all of their projects say KAYRO IS A LOSER


@Kayro Have you emailed the HS team about this???


That's terrible! You definitely need to email THT to take care of that, because that's not nice.

They're probably just jealous. Don't let hate take you down! :wink:


As I said earlier, many hopscotchers have had to deal with this. @Kayro there's always going ro be haters and ppl that will be like that....but like CreativeCoder said....don't let hate take you down!!!! Don't forget about the forum...we will ALWAYS be there for you....No matter what happens, through thick and thin...we will always stick together!!!!!!!!


Yes many times they say just ignore them and I do but people still bully


Just ignore them, I can rage out on them really good, and you should definitely email The Hopscotch Team or contact @Liza on the forum. Either ignore them or rage out on them, tell The Hopscotch Team and they may delete the account or the projects, or delete their non-hate account or suspend them, or, do you know their email? Email them saying to tell their parents. And you're not a lose r, space because it got filtered, some Hopscotchers just create hate accounts because the Hopscotcher is so good and they're jealous. Like someone created an "I hate smileyalyssa" account. Do you know one thing friends are for, @Kayro? To stand up to bullies for you.


I guess haters gonna hate

So good bye


in my new roleplay :wink:


But think, their jealous of you!! Why, woulden't you be proud of yourself!! You earned that by being a awesome human being!! I don't think people could be jealous of me!! If it bothers you, make sure to report it and e-mail the hopscotch team. Please stay!!:cry:Edit: Wait WHAT?!? You tricked us!!


Take it as a complement on you skillz! Do not let it get you down! They are not happy about how great your skillz are! Of course it is still not nice but they win if you leave :wink:.


Good for you! Never leave something, like an activity or a club, just because people are mean and jealous and bully you! Here's some quotes made by @SmileyAlyssa that are sure to get your spirits up, @Kayro!


Sorry @tankt2016 I have seen them all


Oh, okay. . .Well, like @SmileyAlyssa said in a post, "Just let the haters keep on hating and @SmileyAlyssa keep on smiling!".


I have to be doing my presentation in three minutes I have to go


Science fair presentation?


No I have to do an online presentation of how the digestive system works it grosses me out. They canceled it.