Not Nice Thing.


Has anyone heard of AwesomeProjectMaker he insults hopscotchers, and calls people dum.mies


Hmmm, well, the best thing to do is not draw attention to it, and report the projects :3


I've been doing that


Oh no! That's not gud ;-;

It's better not to make a topic about it as it draws attention to the problem!
Please report these projects and email THT if it gets really bad! Thanks for helping! :D


Email THT, and give them the username.
It's best not to make a topic on the forum about it so you don't encourage the mean person. Don't feed the flame! :D


Yeah like TFS posted: don't draw attention, that's what the so-called "hate"rs want. Just report and move on and ignore them :wink:


Yes. He just wants attention. Just report and THT will take care of him.


Report all of their projects.


Just report do this then ur done


I would ignore that Hopscotcher and report his/her projects.


I have an idea. We ALL report ALL of his/her projects so it actually gets removed.


Great Idea! Uggg the 20 character thing.