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The title says it all! How much have you improved in your art or coding!

First Digital Drawing


My code has also improved a lot to! (But I currently only have access to beta so I can't get the links). I'm excited to see how much everyone's impoved!


I think there may already be a topic about this, I'll look.


There is already a topic about this.

Sorry, @Malie. :confused:


That's asking, have you improved and how, this is sharing how much you have improved. :wink:

@trust_level_4, what do you think?


They kinda tie in together, I think. :slight_smile:


Great! Sooooo, we can keep this? :3


No, I meant that they're really similar, and saying how much you've improved ties in with how you've improved. :slight_smile:

@Malie, would you like to recycle this? :D


Okay :3


You have gotten way better!!!


Sure ^.^ I don't know what to change it into though.


If you'd like, I can just close. :D


Can you do that? Thanks!



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