Not leaving! False alarm!


I wasn't going to say why I'm leavin.g, but I decided it wouldn't be fair if I didn't. So let me say this: I'm addicted and hate myself for it. I hate my iPad. Bye, everyone. Dont give me any attention because of this, I don't want it. I probably won't even see y'all replies.
Bug out, forever.
Welp, now I feel really bad.
When I posted this, I had just gotten into an argument with my parents over my iPad, my emotions were outta control, and I really did hate my iPad. But once my emotions and mind cleared up I realized that I could never leave you guys!
I'm sorry that this happened. Thank you all for your replies.


Yeah, addiction is hard ;-;

Have an amazing life, @EmmabugOnTheForum!
Sad to see you go! ;-;


Sorry to read that. Bye!!


You were all great friends. :slight_smile:


Darn, I was already crying so hard.....


I'm sorry to hear that. D: Bye! Have a great life! I will always remember you!


Bye! You will be remembered. :)


Addiction = bad. Coding isn't bad. You just have a hobby, you don't need to stop doing something because it is your hobby.


You shouldn't hate yourself because you're addicted!
Just take a small break, come back, and trust me, you'll feel much better! :D


I'll miss you so much! :0

Bye, and good luck in life. You were an awesome fren.


Wut. Don't hate yourself! Never hate yourself! You have to love! Noooo


Bye fren @EmmabugOnTheForum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm really gonna miss ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You are an awesome and amazing fren!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! c: c: c:


I understand, bye


Oh no! I'll miss you so much ;-;-;-;-;

I understand though. Have an incredible life and don't forget about us! Bye ;-;


Ok, bye
I get that you can get addicted


EmmaBug, Addiction is hard. I know from experience. I hope you have an amazing life, and make sure to have fun! :D


I'm sorry I didn't get to know you better. I think we would have been really good friends! We'll miss you around here. Goodbye, Emmabug. ;-;


Please re-read the topic :slight_smile:

Would a leader please close this?
Um....I totally forgot the other leaders.....



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Closed by request of the owner.

Also, I'm glad you're staying! :D