Not leaving anymore


oops, edit this to wutever u want..

  • Leave
  • Stay
  • Be on, but not as much


Choose up to 3 options


Hey stay!!! Since when did I say you were not my friend?! you are my fren


If i can have more than ten people vote on me staying, i stay..
If i have more than 10 saying leave, i leave.


Its seriously your choice though, I cant force you to do anything


Is that fair?
I hope..
I will stay..
But im not sure..



Who voted on not being on as much


@Refugeecat123 I don't think a poll will help much.

Your leaving because people are being mean? Isn't the dark ages over yet? We all give you advice but it seems like your really not taking it


Im not leaving anymore!!


The forum isn't split into ages. Why does everyone think that?


Yea, thx rawry...
Im staying....


Thx for helping, rawry lol no hs forum is ot split into ages


Cool! :D

Do you know how to hide your mouse cursor in gms? The documentation isn't very clear on how to, though I think I've got it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Wait wut is gms
Im not on pc


GameMaker: Studio. I'm trying to make my mouse cursor hide in the beginning of the game. XD


Oh huh lol kewl sry I'm late