Not Hopscotch Related


Hi this is the nicki minaj club
To join form

Favorite mixtape
Favorite mixtape song
Favorite album
Favorite song
Favorite alter ego
Favorite collaboration

So soon is her birthday in a few months so hopefully I'll be making some pixel art trail art games and such if I have time please join


Sorry but this is not hopscotch related.


I'm not being mean. I'm sorry if it cam out in that way.
The forum is for talking about hopscotch related stuff, and this isn't.


I'm not.
Yes, but YOU have to do what is right.


Dude please don't just say that

S/he CLEARLY stated that they were going to code some pixel art of nicki manaj. That's related, right?
Please next time read more carefully
U hurt their feelings by just pointing it out right away even though it IS related


I am going to code an album cover in pixel art one at a time yay
If I can


omg dude chill out she said she was going to do PUXEL ART Nicky minaj read more carefully and plus try not to hurt other pplz feelings k......srsly you are overreacting and hurting @cash's feelings ok next time read it more carefully.


I agree

Thank you

They are being mean to cash


@Trendygirl didn't mean to hurt your feelings and wasn't being mean, I'm sure she just accidentally missed that part of the topic. :D


I have already been told that.
Thank you all for telling me that I am blind.


I don't think she she reads the topic though


Thank you so much!
Yes that is totally true.
Omg thanks so much!


Well u said it in a very rude way thank you very much

I like to stand up for the kids who always get blamed


Thanks Ella_13 let's become friends again


I didn't say that :sweat_smile:

I'm sorry if it came out that way but please next time read the description carefully...


No stop fighting this is club not fight zone


Pardon me

But in my opinion I thought she was being a bit too rude
But whatevs


I don't how I was rude.
I simply said this was off-topic as I did not read the post.
Please explain!


When were we not friends?


I thought that you was kinda mad at me