Not gunna be on


Not gunna be on as much..
I think im gunna take a break.


Ok, have a good break. :)

We'll miss you around here, ;-;


Well I would ask why but people have their reasons.


Have a great break! :blush:


:slight_smile: i will be back in about a month



We'll miss you around here ;-;


Noooooo frennnnnnnnnnnnn


:slight_smile: i will be on sometimes...


I just meet you but i can tell your a kind and loyal guys bye take a nice and easy break!


Be on in a month


Have a nice break :DDDD Your an awesome person I'll miss you :DDD


:slight_smile: bai i will be back.
Maybe tomorrow will be last day until brake


Well, I'll really miss you, your a great artist and person. :D


Have a good break, I hope you enjoy your time off.
But I'm glad this isn't permanent. :)

We'll miss you!


Okay fren. See you later! Hope u come back soon!


@Everyone who has said bye,
Thanks so much, and i will miss you all. OF COURSE ITS NOT PERMANENT!!!! I could never leave mai hs frends (and senpais) behind!!!!


Im Leaving cuz,
Im busy. 1
I want to see if hs gets better in the 2 weeks that im gone.


PUFFY!! Yayy ur on plz talk w/ meeee


Todays mai last day..
Last chance. To talk. FOR TWO WHOLE WEEKS


Oh! I get it then.