Not Going To Be Very Active, But I Can't Control It Well


You might be thinking, "Just get on hopscotch more often!" but it isn't very easy...

No, I'm not going through another crisis like wifi problems (Face it wifi problems are crisisses nowadays X(D) or some sort of death.
Recently, my ipad hasn't been agreeing to charge and my computer (am using it now) takes a while to get from the log in screen of my computer to the log in screen of the forums. Also, a lot of the time I'm on my computer I'm tempted to play my favorite computer game.

This isn't just on my general topic because people should know this.


I don't know how to get to the computer version of hopscotch, and i don't know how to take screenshots and upload them. (srsly just looked at it and have no clue what I'm doing)
EDIT: Wait, I found how to access my pictures but I don't have any X(D


Computer version? As in the web player?


We have a really old IPad that NEVER charges too, but anyways, I'll miss you! See you around


@MobCraft yeah, I forgot what it was called.... :P


It only plays projects sorry D: