Not Free Forum Account (wow ok)



Because they, in this case, could obtain your email. They could send you all sorts of (bad) stuff, but I'm not an expert on dis stuffz.

Not to mention they could just anonymously make you look bad with what they post, like bad words and stuff.

Edit: see? Told you :frowning:


How can they obtain your email? The person used throwawaymail for this. :P

And a person could just make their own anonymous account and do that. Besides, people would flag, and why would someone do that, anyway? Especially on a kids forum.


Also that was when that rule wasn't so tight


The password doesn't work


Dont u realize it by now that its not safe


Kanye for prez XP


Guys, stop making public accounts!!! You just make a trouble for forum and first of all for you, and anyways the public accounts will be banned. I'll e-mail THT.


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Thanks! :slight_smile:


Guys, just in case someone has access to the account, still, here is 2 pieces of advice.

  • If someone posted a mean topic, I'd highly suggest you tag everyone who replied to the topic and tell them that recycling is in progress so they can delete their posts. Next, edit the title and post and say that it's being recycled. Then, maybe tag a THT member to close it. :stuck_out_tongue: However, if it's not possible (which mean that the topic is closed), just edit the title and edit the post tagging a THT member to close the topic and tag everyone that replied to delete their posts if they can.

  • If someone posted a mean post, I highly suggest you'd edit it and say something like "Sorry", "Lalalala", a picture, or something related to the topic that was replied to. :slight_smile: However, if the reply was on a mean topic, edit the posts (that were mean duh) and say "Sorry", and then recycle the topic if the topic was made by Fried-Chicken. :slight_smile:


Okay, can ANYONE tell me who put “mkfz” in the bio and what it means?