Not Free Forum Account (wow ok)




As @Liza has disabled posting for this account, I have decided to make it a look-and-see guest account for new users. You can't reply or create topics, but you can like and do other things. :slight_smile:

Username: fried-chicken
Password: nekoatsume

Enjoy. And remember to follow the community guidelines.


Would the acc be safe though?


i hope

lol ok :')



What's the point?

This also risks "hacking" and shares personal info. Even throwaway emails aren't allowed :frowning:


someone did a free forum acc tho once... lol


Did it end well? :wink:


someone changed the pass... owo


Exactly... it's not a safe idea :slight_frown:


well it's used with a throwaway email so

also when the email is changed, do they email the previous one to confirm? if so it's ok lol


Fake emails still aren't allowed :0

Because somebody can contact you through it.
The account may also be hacked and bad things might happen ;-;

Sorry, but I don't think this is a safe idea :0



@razor did it before


Throwaway emails aren't that much safer. They're still unsafe like normal emails - people can contact you and send you stuff :grimacing:


well i'll never check that email again so lol...... XD


And it didn't end well. So that's something you (and all of us) should learn from not to repeat.


Just because someone did it before doesn't mean it's allowed or safe for the Hopscotchers on this forum.
The other one got hacked/ didn't end well :0


Also please edit out the deets up there :grimacing:


I don't think thruway emails are allowed. Sorry.



He made it specifically for it to be public. What's wrong with that? How's it not safe? Just because someone changed a password makes it not safe? :P


Because you don't know what someone might do with it.


How does that make it not safe?