Not exactly a life game.... COLLAB



Please Read The Whole Thing!!!!

Ok. So it's basically a first person life game. Simple right? Wrong. I want it to be gender neutral so the character can be either gender. So the name is Jamie. So here's the whole shablammo.

The beginning plan is your life stages fading in and out so like, a baby model, disappears, a toddler model, disappears, a child model, disappears, except it's going to be fading in and out. Because I want it to be gender nuetral, the person I want to have short hair for the child model, because girls can have short hair and so can boys same with long but I felt short fit better. Then some actual gameplay. I have not figured out the rest though and that's why I need you guys' help. Oh wait! I haven't even told you the plot twist! Yeah. So you can swap through different dimensions but still stay in the same place. It'll be a very big puzzle game basically. The other dimension will be the same yet different. You use it to figure out puzzles because you get trapped in a temple place. Yeah. Interesting concept but I think we can do it. It'll probably take atleast a year month.... But we can do it! I know we can!


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Cool idea!
Here's a like! :heart:


This is a good idea, but it's really similar to my game collab topic. I said I was making a gender neutral character who travels thro different dimensions and has to solve puzzles. :confused:


Oh i didn't know that.


It's ok. I just don't want you to make the game, and then have it seem like I copied the you...



Answer to question: it just popped into my head....


Hopscotch and forum name: Kitkat26​:joy::purple_heart: and Kitkat26
Coder, layout, beta tester, or puzzle maker: beta tester
Strengths: replies on time, usually on daily, good at locating bugs
Weaknesses: don't know a lot about bugs, have a sort of old iPad, don't have a email
Why you want to do this: I want to get more involved in the community
Questions?: Will you respond to me if I get in? Also, will we have an account or will we trade drafts?
Level (basic, member, regular, leader, moderator): Regular!