Not Enough Topics For The Report Button?



Who here thinks the report button has not enough topics??? What about the other ones for example stealing other's work??? Put some things that the report button should have so in the next update we can make it possible that these topics can be added.


True like such as



Like you said!!!!!!!!


Yes I agree! And I think there should be one for Chatrooms! @asha and @Liza think about this!


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Yeah that's where I was going for.. Like RPs those are not reality! What difference does it make in real life other then pollute the community? I have an idea! We should do a community clean up! Where the Hopscotch team adds a report option for that and we report all RPs and non hopscotch chat rooms. Then our community will be cleaned up!


I think there should be a Other option so then you can type what the problem is


Yes, when I woke up, I had several remixes of people chatting. I wanted to report them, but the wasn't a button for 'chatting' which is um, sorta annoying...


I totally agree! @KawaiiAnimeLuver