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I am now going to publish every 3 days!

I cannot code that fast, people, now that I'm working on more complicated projects! c:


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So I'm working on a lollipop trail art project.

It's almost done.

Here is an image of it!

Idk why I added glasses. XD

Any constructive critisim?

Anything I should add?


Wow it looks great!!!!!!


Maybe add some
More contrasting colours to help the lollipop stand out?


I know this is a weird question, but....

What is contrasting colors?

How do you use them?


Things like Black and White or Blue and Orange! Colours that stand out against each other!


So which color should I use for the background?



Maybe… also: for the lollipop the red-purple is a great blend, but maybe make it blend better back in to red for each set of rainbow colours?


I do not get what you're saying!



Hi @EnchantedAnimallover I think I already know all about you and you know all about me


In each rainbow, the transitions is great, but between each rainbow it could be smoother?


@EnchantedAnimallover are you online right now


So you're saying I should put a color between red and purple?


Sorry to barge in XD but contrasting colors are colors on opposite ends of the color wheel! Or opposite colors. XD

So, you can see that red and green are across, or opposite from each other on this simple color wheel!!! They stand out from each other, like white/ black is used a lot. :wink: hope this helps!

And I agree with @KVJ, the red stands out a little too much. I'd change that to pink or change the surrounding colors! :smiley:


@KVJ and @Bananadog...

I don't know the contrasting color of the rainbow.



I put green as the background.

Is this better?


@EnchantedAnimallover is Enchanted Sword awake


(Read my edit at the bottom of my previous post)

I'd use light green for the bg because the red is the outside color of the lollipop. I think any cool pastel color would look very nice with the lollipop! Cool colors: green, blue, purple (mostly the generally darker colors)

And the contrasting colors of the rainbow are opposites. Do you want me to explain further? :D

I like the green! It makes the lollipop stand out a lot.




My only criticism is that maybe you could change the background color something more pastel, so the lollipop stands out!


@DancingLollipop and @Bananadog, I took your advice!

I did the old way of HSBs! XD

Is this better?