Not all hackers are bad (PSA)


Lately on Hopscotch, hackers are getting a bad rep. I don’t know why everyone hates all hackers now, but I’ve hacked on other platforms and I can say that my hacker friends aren’t all baddies. Sure, some can be plain evil,but not all of them are. In fact, the majority are nice people who have different interests. Why are they the target of many Hopscotchers? I don’t know. But I believe that this stereotype is, well, not correct and we should correct it. It’s up to you.

-Kitty4U/Cure Joker/ suicidal kid


Hackers are bad if they delete people stuff and post on people accounts without permission. Other than that, they’re fine


Yeah. I’m more like a grey hat hacker (search it up) :-///


dang finally
i made a project like this on hopscotch and i got so much hate for it but i spent so ling making the moving 3d bg and stuff :frowning:

anyway yes


So true…in the HHA, Gobli, Happy Dolphin, and I were all in it.


Well the hacker issue on Hopscotch used to be a lot bigger, me and Gobli used to solve a lot of ciphers, and now it has kind of died down, but pretty much a few people in Scotch Hop Team were big cipher solvers.


It depends on what you are hacking and who you are making sad and locked out of things. Sometimes, when you are a nice and normal programmer, you could be called “a hacker”. In Sweden, many coding courses are named something with “hacking”.


:(((( well Hopscotch is Hopscotch.


Oh ok


Booooooooooooooooooosst Kalamazoo


what does that have to do with anything


??? What


what you just said



Oh I was bumping the topic lol


There can be positive hackers and negative hackers. Hackers do definitely get a bad rap on the forum and other social medias because they can steal information and lead to things like that are very negative.

However, you are right. There are some good hackers! So thank you for bringing this up, and this was very well said! :smile:


What do you mean by hackers? The ones who access the JSON files? There’s nothing wrong with that.




umless thry take the tag off


Ye but you need permission from the hopscotch taem and most of the time they do it right


no you can take the tag off urself, if u use the json