Not 100% sure this is a bug

THT, this seems to be a bug I have been experiencing quite regularly. It's not hugely important but gets quite annoying...
Is anyone else experienced this.?
Tags : @Montoya

Your username: Pumpkin Girl

What kind of device are you using?: IPad 4

1 sentence description of the problem: I was checking notifications, my lightning bolt on the screen showed activity, when nothing new showed up.

Steps to make the problem happen:

  1. Open hopscotch

  2. See that there's is new activity, according to the lightning bolt

  3. Check activity but realise there's nothing new

I expected this to happen: To see new activity

But instead this happened: There was no new activity

Here’s a sweet screenshot: I can post a screenshot, but it doesn't really prove the bug....


That ALWAYS happens. don't worry.

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Happens to me!

Just a few minutes ago it happened...

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Yep, I don't think it's meant to though....

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This has been happening to me for ages...
When will it be fixed?

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It seems to be happening more frequently....

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It stated happening back in...October? For me...idk

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For me it was happening since they first introduced the activity button, but not as frequent...


It's always happening to me D:


It's always happening to me D:

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