Noooooo! Drafts!


Millions of them! Millions of drafts! They are everything I have ever done, even the drafts I changed or deleted! They are also all of my projects! Is there some way to get rid of them?


All you have to do is click the little cloud button which is the save drafts button.


To get rid of them, hold down on the draft, then click the X on the top left corner of the draft!


This happened to me, if you haven't hit the cloud thingy, log out and then log back in. Your drafts will be gone!


Comments into one;

Download them all by tapping on the cloud button on the drafts. Once they have downloaded, hold until a X comes up by the left corner of the draft. Then press that X to delete them!.


I made a post here too on deleting drafts in case you're not sure.