he locked my forum question. tell what you would be like if he did it to you!

nononononononononono PopTart0219!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Are you talking about a lock at the bottom of your topic? If so, Poptart (she) closed your topic because she found it rude, offensive, off topic, etc. (there are several reasons as to why it was closed.)

Closing topics is actually quite common on the forum.

Poptart's a moderator and closing topics is part of her very important role on the forum. :)


She closed it because it didn't make much sense :slight_smile:

You got answers, don't worry! :D


That was for a reason. That is her/his job to do.


I know you might feel bad but poptart's just doing her job!


She is just doing her job, I don't think the leaders like closing topics.

I am sure she did it for a perfectly good reason :wink: