NoName(YET) LazyLizard's Clan



So... After seeing @Rawrbear's clan, I decided it would be fun to make my own! Anybody who would like to join will be accepted. To be member, you ask to join. To be a helper, you have to use correct grammar, have no or very little RPs or chatrooms, (Hopscotch chatrooms are the only exception, as in talking about hopscotch), have at least 60% of coded projects, not remixes, and be enthusiastic, bubbly, and friendly. There will be leader ranks that I will choose myself. Once I build a good enough base, we will being the projects. If you would like to join, please fill out the form!

Sign Up Form

How long have you been on hopscotch?

Have you ever been featured, trending, or rising?

Link me to one of your best projects:

Rules and Regulations (IN PROGRESS!)

First of all, signing up gets you in. If you want a higher rank but don't qualify for one, try your hardest to do so! Also, you have to read all of this post. Now I do the disclaimer stuff after previous incidents, you need to abide to this. If you don't get a higher rank, you have no need to take it out on me. Any of this in any form will be reported ASAP. If you disobey these rules, you may be asked to leave the clan!

Make sure you read EVERYTHING before posting!





Leaders and Co-Leaders



I call co-leader!!


Oh wow thanks @Rawrbear xD


I've been on hopscotch since Febuary 2016
I never got featured, trending, or rising.
I'm on a computer so I will give a link later


Ok! Just fill out the form!


Actually, I changed my mind. Sorry!


So am I! I will accept you as soon as I see the link!


It is fine! You must be super busy!


Hi! Can I be a helper?
How long have you been on HS Around 2 years
Have you been on Featured, Trending, or Rising? Trending, twice
Link me to some of your best projects What do you mean by best? Most likes, or your favorite?
I usually use good grammer, never do RPs, and 1 or 2 chatroom projects.


So, are you interested in joining? It is fine if you aren't!


Yeah! I follow you and I love your work!


Very busy*! :stuck_out_tongue:

Here's a like! :heart:


XD Might as well join

Since November 2015

I've been on trending twice and three times if you count the collab project I was in

I can't because my Ipad died, I'll get a link in a minute :stuck_out_tongue:

I've never done an RP, I have good grammar unless I joke around :P


Do you think it's ok to be in two clans at once??


What clan are you already in? You can ask the leader!


Lol I am the leader....


I have only been on Hopscotch for only a month but I have other accounts since October (this is my best account). I have been on trending multiple times. Here is my best project... Here you go. I would also like to apply to be a helper. I have great grammar and I am very uplifting and happy. If you don't believe me, ask @Rawrbear, I know him in real life. I hope you accept my application for helper!


He has Honors Language Arts with me! :D


Hey @Rawrbear, what's a RP?


@rAwRbEaR is so thirsty for power...

A co-leader of NoName and leader of EyNo Elite