Non fiction hopscotch coding book (plus a mini story) [1 spot open for writer and main character]


I'm going to make a book... A nonfiction book... with a fiction mini story and I 'm gonna publish it on HF

1. Blocks
2. Trail color
3. Clones (bold text)
5. Thinking

Characters in the mini story :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :
Me - Mayu

Writers : @Hermione

Form to be a writer
What are your strength
Why :slight_smile:

uSerName :

Character name
Bad or good


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Hello! Maybeeee I Cluld Join? Maybe?


If you want to join, fill out the form in the first post, or the one I put above! :D
(They're the same!)


Will you add me as a character for the story? Please?


Read the first post or the one I put! :D



Username: SenseiCoder​:heart_eyes_cat:
character Do you mean personality or something like that?
Character name Liz
Bad or good Good!



Username: StarryDream
Character: errrrr, you mean personality? Okey: Intelligent, humorous, but occasionally shows hot-headed side. Have long-term friend potential and makes everyone laugh.
Character name: I AM DA POWERFUL LUCY >:3
Bad or good: Me guuuuuuuuude


@Sensei_Coder @StarryDream @BellaWafflez17 u are in...
@Himynameismeredith1 cool !
You can join me


Character name: Ashley
Bad or good: good