Non- emoji text characters to use in Hopscotch



Unicode has many special symbols and characters. They also own emoji.

However, they have special text symbols that aren't emojis. Search up Unicode Table on google and find the Unicode Table website.

You can use the characters listed here that aren't emojis in your hopscotch games. What makes them better than Emojis? You can recolor the black parts using "Set Color". They also look smoother, professional, and in place rather than the pre colored emojis.

This is useful, I hope I you use it!




Also try getting (it's in "Japanese") "Kana" (gives you symbols like this: ♪〒♪○☆%→↓⇒⇒:heart::spades:︎( ̄▽ ̄)(^。^)¶(^。^)) and (it's in "Chinese (Simplified) — Pinyin") "QWERTY" (gives you symbols like this: དཀཙུསབང།༄།་ཇསབབཱམསཀཀཀསཛཛབསཀསིིོུ༜༼༽༼࿉མ༄།࿉༄༕འ). I did a tutorial on how to get Kana, just search for Kana.