Non-Anonymous Polls



Ever since the new update on the forumusers have had the ability to choose to allow them and other users to view who voted what on polls.

Because of that, now some hopscotchers won't tell the truth because others are able to see who voted. Other hopscotchers might be scared that if they decide that they want to vote the opposite of what everyone else voted, other users will get upset or they will look strange doing that.

Take for example, if it were a poll to tell another hopscotcher about their behaviour on the forum, all hopscotchers might vote for 10 when maybe one or two other hopscotchers might want to vote 8. The other hopscotchers might be dishonest, worried that others won't be too pleased about their opinion and lie. If that happens the hopscotcher making the poll will never know that they need to improve.

Please tell me what you think! I personally think that polls, if they are being used for constructive criticism, they should be anonymous.


I made a topic like this, I did a expierement, and yes, people were more honest on anonymous polls. You can check out my expierement topic!


Ok! I'll go check it out! Thanks!


They should be anonymous for constructive criticism.

I mean honestly, I always get "YOU WOULD BE AN AWESOME LEADER!!!"


Anonymous "eww I hate Huggingfluffybear"


No problem! I can't find the link right now :frowning:


This is to be expected, it's human nature. :slight_smile:

I wish we could get all honest replies on every poll, but we can't, unfortunately.


It's okay! I found it!