Nommies Adventure



Hi guise! I just had a magical game idea inspired by @AHappyCoder . It's called Nommies adventure :D Basically you play as nomnom (me) who goes on a magical adventure and you have to battle stuff and do things. At the beginning you can choose your sidekick. He has to be one of the Dank meme accounts tho, like @LamspBlueverryJuts or @Qusid. There will be three sidekicks you chan choose from. Su if you want your account to be one of them, reply here! I'll decide later today!


1. @Chappie


Can @Chappie be a sidekick? :s


How did I inspire you though? XD


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You said something about magical quest and I was liek :0 :0


Whet? wheit do eu went?


i juhst whant nutheng

le gaym wil be fylled wit smol nudls and jumpyduckz

  • smol nudls
  • jumpyduckz
  • Chakin
  • Suwp


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Wich is betar:

Nommies adventyre


a dank meme qwest and u kahn chuse wich qwest u wahnt tu do. U can du @LamspBlueverryJuts or @Disky or @Qusid or @nomnom


The second one definatly ;u;


Ohkay tahnk chu smishy


Ur welcom ye @nomnom

How's laif?


Laif is gud

How is laif az a smishy?




My laif is gud Ye


You shud add @Qusid 4 shur m8



Can she be one?


Cun @idkwhatismyusername be une? Wait iz she/he a dunk meme acc?