Nominations for Rising!


Continuing the discussion from Nominations for Featured!:
I made this topic to seperate Featured nominations and Rising nominations.

Recycled again!
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One of @SmileyAlyssa projects?


One problem - Featured are projects chosen by the hopscotch team.

Rising are just projects with lots of plays and likes. The best way to nominate a project for rising is to like the project.


I thought it was chosen though


rising and featured are chosen by THT you get on Trending by lots of likes quickly


Excuse me. I am mistaken. I thought you meant trending.


Although I feel that Nomination for Rising don't really need to be seperate from featured.


Maybe the cat meme by curvos and fluffy mice.


I don't really look at the rising and stuff only featured, but I guess it's impose tante so yeah.


i think @GysvANDRegulus's Cat meme is on rising


Rising is sort of like a lower level featured-it is stuff the Hopscotch Team likes but not enough for featured :wink:


I think this is pretty funny and deserves Rising (it's by Crazy Crawfish :wink:):


Hahahah it is pretty funny!


I nominate this!
It's some old Leave A Trail art called Hypnotizing Inch Worm 2.

I'm also reviving this topic. :wink:


A good ol' revival post




I nominate one of my projects
Great background but I gave credit to valgo




I don't think @Liza looks here considering THT didn't make this topic


Tag all of THT if you want them to look xD