Nominations for Rising 2!


This is a topic for recommendations for rising! Please recommend cool projects! @hopscotch-curators please look at this! If you think your project deserves rising, come here! @omtl @pomtl


Hahaha I really don’t know. My projects are lame lol…


It’s ok! Maybe they are actually really good!


I believe you can nominate for rising on the featured topic…


This is just a separate category only for rising.


@SmileyAlyssa @Madi_Hopscotch_ can you come to this topic? @hopscotch-curators


@Healeybot1 @MK0825 @Chibimeringue @ThinBuffalo @PartTimeFemale @Panthera

Basically everyone I can think of right now (Idk how to tag nindroid because of this guy called NindroidGarnes.)


I´ll make sure to nominate a project for rising whenever I find a great one!


I can’t get onto Hopscotch.


What is the difference of rising and featured?
Is rising supposed to be more creative, good but not AMAZING, or other criteria to be considered rising instead of featured


Good question. Ask the @hopscotch-curators about that.


There’s already a topic for features and rising.


Hi! We appreciate you’re help, but like @Sugarisyummy said, you can nominate projects for rising in Nominations for Featured 2! :smile:


Rising is a little harder to find and usually contains less amazing games and featured would contain more elaborate games that appear on the home page


If you got this idea from my Topic of KitKat’s Topic, leave credit, please


There is a specific topic to go to when nominating projects, whether for featured or rising!


Maybe this?:


Wait what is it?
Idk where to go