Nominations for Game Changers



Yeah, anything that used 3D graphics early on completely shattered people’s beliefs about what you can do on Hopscotch. If you make a project that has never been made before, and changes the way people make projects/code, then it is a game changer. It’s much more revolutionary than almost every featured project.


Dude exactly.
I remember seeing my first 3D hs project (it was one of magmaPOPs I believe) and it changed everything for me. And I was 9 so it was super inspirational. That’s a similar age to some hsers today, and whenever they see GC I wanna see them get inspired that way too

Haha sorry I probably sound super nostalgic

But anyway, my general point is, I’d like that quality to remain and some projects that are getting nominated meet that standard, but others might not be there yet and imo their place is in featured or sp or something and not GC
(Again, this is an opinion please no kiII)


What’s imo mean?


In my opinion


Oooh got it.


Woww! A project that is so good can actually encourage THT to add a block inspired by the project. At first, I thought Kaleidocosmos used the mirror custom block for itself but it is actually the reason why there is the mirror block.


I know this was published a long time ago, but I nominate this:


I second this.