Nominations for Game Changers



I sixth!


I nominate this for game changers:


I definitely second!


I third!


Thank so much! I really appreciate this!


Totally 3 or 4th it or whatever it is at now!!!


Thanks you so much! That would be a dream come true. Literally. I third or whatever!


I nominate this for game changers. It’s really cool!


@Stylishpoopemoji33 yes, (and it can be featured already)
@TheDrawer I don’t really think that deserves game changer, sorry
@PillowFace If it fully explained sin cos tan, I’ll second


I second :nerd_face:


I wathever it!


I fourth or whatever it


I fifth!


I sixth that for sure!


Just an FYI – GC was meant as a place where the raallly super exceptional projects that affected coding on hs or where essentially ‘hs landmarks’ went.
Those are all great project but imo starter projects, featured and rising is their level. HT imo deserves GC but for the rest I’d say featured and for the trig one, starter projects or the place there math /tutorials go


What about mine…?


HT= Hover Tanx which is yours
GC = game changers


Yeah I agree lol
Hey Fea!
I’ve been wanting to talk to you all day


Yeah, when I think of a game changer, I think of “Kaleidocosmos”- it was a completely revolutionary project that changed how people did things on Hopscotch


Exactly! Because of that, there’s a new standard custom block with the mirror draws
And like the first 3D projects. Those are revolutionary
Remember when some of MagmaPOPs first projects came out and the first couple of projects that got GC? Those were completely revolutionary and literally changed the way I was coding my stuff and gave me a lot of ideas.

That’s the quality I’d like to see be maintained on Game Changers, and imo some of these projects don’t meet that standard. Just an opinion please don’t kiII me