Nominations for Game Changers



In my opinion, yes.


Yes you could get a game changers definitely!


Think I could get a game changers?

Link to my account (haven’t published a lot)


Yes! I think it could!


Mostly I experiment with code and procrastinate about what I do :p


Haven’t played it, but I think Game Changers wasn’t made to promote messages. If the project is super complex, then sure, but otherwise, sorry


Yes, I think that you can!


I agree. Unfortunately we are not in charge of game changers and it’s unclear as to how often THT updates it. Hopefully the next time they update it your project will be on there!


I nominate @BumpSplatGaming.Co’s hover tanks, as long as it’s ready! Link:

@hopscotch-curators @Ana @Rodrigo

Nominations for Featured 2!

yes I second it!


Thank you! @TheDeliciousOrange @Stylishpoopemoji33 and @ThatEnglishMuffin i count have done without you!


Your welcome! I’m amazed by it! Can’t wait to c it on game changers!


I third! :see_no_evil:


I nominate this by @Petrichor

@blackseal @fearlessphoenix @itzmya @murphy1 @coderofmagic @gobli09


I second, though it’s already been featured.


I fourth!


I really liked that one! I third!


I suppose I fifth


I fifth this!
And my brother sixths this!


I seventh this!