Nominations for Game Changers



Two of these got game changers! Great job!


To mine though lol…


I know… rip… :(
That game is actually a legit remake of aa (search on app store)


I actually made it from a rip off of aa, which I don’t know existed. Plus mine is better cause it has power ups, background customization, and is made in hopscotch.


I agree… now how’s that midnight Forum visit going?


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You need to put this one in there!


Yes, and @XAMANION’s Twisty Arrow! (maybe my Minigames) – these are the projects that stand out, and many more people are interested in them than projects like “Fire Fingers” (although Fire Fingers is quite unique and a great project)


They updated game changers, dunno when.


I just want to say that I don’t give up on my claim
1 years later, I still remember how innovative and new my Pokemon project was. It inspired many people, and I’ve seen various Pokemon games made after my own. I invented the first Pokemon game that was very very accurate, there was accurate RPG functions, it ran very smoothly, and I maximised the capacity of it.

I know that it’s worthy of game changers, I know it is. I believe that by putting it there, it will indubitably inspire more and more people, and the fundamentals of a Pokemon game will be improved on in days to come.

Just look at it. Look how much effort, scroll through the code… it’s very fun. There is so much to do, isn’t there.

It wouldn’t kill to just add one extra project that has begun a new branch of ideas in hopscotch.

Thank you.


I agree


I agree, and we have news that you’d like to hear as well:


Thank you, I really appreciate it.
I want more people to realise that this work was something very much unlike what was known to hopscotch in 2018. There was so much innovation shown throughout every atom of that project. It needs to be on the channel. The graphics, the technical design of the Pokemon awoke people, and I’ve seen it, it awoke them. One lad made a Pokemon game with a subscription, which got very famous, and I remember that that guy gave me a follow and a like after I posted my project.

I like the changes, indeed. The timing is disappointing, because I gave notice to this years ago. Well, it will still be done; that is what matters.


Should be on!


I very much appreciate it. Thank you. This work was something… I really believe that for someone who gave their blood and soul to hopscotch, they should be recognised for introducing to it an entire new concept.


Are you still coding on hs? I love your projects btw.


@pomtl Hi Guys. I really want a Game Changer with one of my projects. Anyone think of one of my projects that could be one?

Here is a project in my profile to link to my account.

Okay, I’m deleting my Forum account now. Bye


Ok cool I’ll watch for super amazing projects by you :slight_smile:


Do you think I could get a game changers? A link to my acc

Check my liked tab, it’s a recap of my best projects