Nominations for Game Changers



@Awesome_E That’s still good!
I was surprised I made it to Starter Projects too!


Yeah, maybe THT felt like had to remove something and keep the old projects – some don’t even deserve featured (no logic there at all), but maybe it is because Smooth BG Generator had a small major bug (yes I typed that)


I didn’t see a bug. The selection process and the settings for the background were really smooth and had a very professional feel.

Also I just downloaded aa, and you’re right they are really similar. Except for the fact that I added a menu with power ups and background settings…


Most people never used the bugged setting, but the top left (landscape horizontal gradient) had the wrong repeat number. (Multiplies to be the height 768 instead of the width 1024)


I completely 2nd this (or 3rd this, or etc)!!! @XAMANION made a great example of high-quality, extremely well coded games. This is what Hopscotch is about!!


I third it (maybe forth, oops)


Thank you! This makes my day!


I totally agree with you @tankt2016! I fifth it


The sad thing is, not THT nor @hopscotch-curators pay attention to this topic…


Granted Liza left and she didn’t actually say she payed attention here so


So basically this game changer nominations tab is unofficial, so I guess if Twisty Arrow would be to appear there, someone needs to email THT or contact them or something…


I’d do that but I don’t have an email…


I could email them about it.


That would be amazing, since THT is more likely to listen to other people nominated my game rather than myself doing so. Thank you.


@Ana I’d recommend these projects for game changers
Edit: I’ve made this wiki, so add your own suggestions if Ana hasn’t responded yet


I love all 4 of those and would love to see them on the game changers. Isn’t the smooth BG creator on the starter projects?


We actually do! We like to pay attention to which features are well received, however we are not in control of game changers and do not put projects on there.


But can you contact THT about this?


I would, however nominate especially
Because a 3D rubix Cube is out of my coding expertise, and having it rotate is beyond belief.
2nd, 3rd, etc if you agree


Yeah THT needs to update Game Changers with the projects @PeppyWafer21 listed.