Nominations for Game Changers






I give up with this
So hard to quote posts these days!




No clue😝


ok tbh


Thanks for the new Game Changers @Liza!
Also, my younger brother coded Suoer Mario Maker, and he is super excited that it got put on Game Changers! Thank you so much!


Anymore nominations?
Anyway @Liza @Rodrigo @Montoya is there going to be a #Best Of 2017?


I nominate this:

Kidding no lol :joy:

I have something else in mind though… I’ll keep it a secret :joy:
@HopscotchRemixer @Jordan


I forgot about this, this project got featured, I nominated it lol


Hm interesting i got tagged ;p


Imagine Game Changer on Game Changers @JonnyGamer


So uhh I really don’t know if this is still relevant but I nominate Twisty Arrow by @XAMANION!
It’s very professionally made, very addictive and fun, and has high quality graphics.
I had so much fun trying to beat each level, and I love that XAMANION added power ups!
It works like an app by professional developers. I think XAMANION has the potential to become a coder in the future!


@tankt2016 Wow! Thank you for the nomination! I’m glad everyone enjoyed the game this much, I only dreamt of getting onto Game Changers!


You’re welcome!
It’s so fun!

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This is why I code on Hopscotch!


I think my Smooth Background Creator should reclaim its spot from “Pokemon Journey” made with images – others would agree (I’ve confirmed this already)


@Awesome_E Yes, your BG creator is quite the programming marvel and an amazing concept which is especially uselful to new coders, thus I believe it should’ve stayed on game changers. Don’t forget that Hopscotch needs some money to run the servers or something (idk) so that’s why the created subscriptions, and they want to promote the coolnes of the use of images and thus “advertise” the subscription. I do not see the correlation though with removing your project…

What do you think about Twisty Arrow nominated for Game Changers?


I agree with you completely. Twisty arrow is just like aa (the app if you have ever seen it and variations like uu, tt, etc) and I could see that working on Game Changers. At least my Smooth BG creator is still on Starter Projects though.